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Laboratory of water analysis has state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified professionals with proven track record. Its main activities are focused on analysis of water for consumption, wastewater, water coming from cooling systems, authorizations for discharges management and characterization of discharges, sampling campaigns and technical advice.

Our laboratory has been accredited by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Fisherie and works according to the ISO 17025 regulation. It is an accreditation for testing laboratories in an international scale given by the Spanish National Accreditation Entity (ENAC).

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  • Análisis Físico-Químicos (estudios de contaminación ambiental - control analítico de aguas residuales - caracterización de residuos peligrosos)
  • Análisis Microbiológicos (aptitud microbiológica de alimentos y superficie - caracterización microbiológica de aguas potables y de riego - caracterización de lodos de depuración para uso agrícola - estudio microscópicos de lodos de depuradora - etc)
  • Recogida y toma de muestras
  • Campaña de muestreo para ejecución de proyectos
  • Estudios previos de tratabilidad