DINOTEC is a Spanish engineering company with more than 40 years of experience in the Water and Environmental Sectors:

Our specialty focuses on the design, supply, assembly and maintenance of the equipment in order to execute projects such as: water purification, urban and industrial wastewater treatment, reverse osmosis, feed water treatment, water reuse, sludge treatment, deodorization, etc.

Our projects, products and services assure our public and private clients of the best and the most efficient solution. We offer a large range of services that range from the study and design phase to the facilities’ maintenance.

Within these phases, the company offers a multitude of services including: analysis and data collection campaigns, design engineering, equipment installation and facility improvement and operation.

In our daily work, we keep environmental conservation in mind through energy and chemical products savings, and reducing our carbon footprint, concentration, sludge and waste.

Our long-lasting relationships with our customers and our quality assurance when working with water have made Dinotec’s years of experience possible.

Our facilities


We work for the environment in an integral, global and excellent way, keeping our innovative spirit in order to preserve people’s health and to protect our customers, providers and workers’ welfare in a profitable manner.


We are a significant technology group focused on the environment, water, waste and energy sectors. Our presence has geographically expanded, and we continue to foresee growth in accordance with our business perspective, maintaining our majority control and the attractiveness of our proposals (products, integrated and professional services).

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