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Water Purification


Water purification is the treatment that allows water to be consumed by humans.

The types of water that must be treated are:

A large choice of water purification technologies that embraces from the traditional systems to the modern ones is available for Dinotec. Among the most remarkable ones, we can find the membrane technology.

The water purification plants are adapted to the population size.

The treatments developed by Dinoted for obtaining the quality water that has the characteristics required by the WHO are mainly:

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Among the solutions that Dinotec uses, we can find the water treatment for an excessive ion concentration, for example: iron, manganese, fluoride, nitrates…

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Additionally, Dinotec has solutions for water purification both for large population centers and for small-sized urban areas or industrial plants. In this business line, Dinotec also addresses solutions for water desalinization. Dinotec’s drinking water treatment plants are specifically designed according to the population and the environment where the equipment will be utilized.