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FILTRA pressure filters

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pressure filters are essential elements when it comes to decide the specific water treatment, either in the purification field through its use as anthracite-silex or activated carbon filters, or in the wastewater treatment field as the final effluent’s refining.

Depending on the destination or required degree of automation, we can provide filters with manual collection (manual ball valves for the filter operation and cleaning) to filters with automatic operation (double effect pneumatic valves), whose cleaning is executed through pressure difference with a differential pressure switch.

Model FILTRA pressure filters
Capacity 120 m³/day – 1690 m³/day
Material Steel/GRP
Application  Drinking water treatments such as:

  • Anthracite-silex filters for eliminating suspended solids
  • Activated carbon filter for eliminating present odors and tastes in the water, as well as traces of free chlorine in reverse osmosis processes
  • Anthracite-silex filters as refining treatment of a WTP’s tertiary effluents
  • In rainfall and greywater reuse treatments
Treatment Filtration

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