Lamellar settlers are essential for achieving the separation of suspended particles, for treating drinking, urban and industrial water, as well as process water.

The production materials we use are diverse: propylene (PP), fibreglass-reinforced polyester (FRP) and stainless steel 316.

Model DL lamellar settlers
Capacity 1 – 30 l/s
Material PP/GRP/Stainless Steel
  • They are suitable for installation in places with little available space or to the expand the plants
  • It is indispensable it treating water with a high turbidity level and a high colloidal matter content is to be treated during water purification processes
  • Used in watewater treatment  for urban and industrial water
Treatment Settling


* It depends on the pollution and sedimentation capacity.

Decantador lamelar
Decantador lamelar
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