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QHSE Policy

DINOTEC’s Environmental and Quality policy, within the scope of its businessactivities as an engineering, installation, construction, operation and maintenance company for water treatment plants, addresses the environmental impacts associated with these activities and the occupational risk it entails. Also, Dinotec commitsto supplying products and services according to legal and other applicable requirements, including the requirements of our customers, without accepting any undertaking which may affect the quality of the products and services or the environment. Dinotec promises to accomplish this with the utmost respect and within the legally established framework.

Furthermore, we commit ourselves to preventing pollution and occupational risks, and we integrated environmental and worker protection when designing the overall management.

The general directives established in this policy, which serve as a framework to establish the quality and environmental objectives and goals are:

Directed towards the customer

The Quality and Environmental Management System enables us to ensure that our customers are confident that our services meet their needs.

Directed towards improvement

The Quality and Environmental Management System enables personnel, forming part of the Organisation, to know the responsibilities, processes, procedures and resources available to guarantee and correctly manage Quality and the Environment. Knowledge is the basis allowing peopleto participate and provide feedback to Management inorder toimprove the System, using all the historic records. The standardisation of activities enables us to reduce variability in our processes which is the first step towards a process of continuous improvement in which everyone should take part.

Competitive environment

The Quality and Environmental Management System allows us to define different competences in a market where, more and more frequently, businesses are required to introduce Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

In terms of Safety and Health

The main objective is to manage and perform our activities in a safe and prudent manner, obeying the Spanish law regardingoccupational risk prevention. Thus, DINOTEC is committed to:

  • Designing, developing, and maintaining facilities and processes in order to ensuresafety and minimize risk
  • Defining, introducing and maintaining procedures that ensure safe
  • Checking health and safety results including: accident and incident reports, accident rates,training reports and audits.

Dinotec commitment

  • Providing customers with high quality service, at the lowest possible cost, and with the lowest environmental impact according to established requirements and specifications and current legislation or standards.

  • Taking action to prevent potential impacts on the environment and the resulting contamination, by promoting the sustainable use of resources, minimising the generation of waste, and, in all cases, promoting separation, reuse and recycling.

  • Managing natural resources correctly, and promoting energy savings.

Management engages in continuous improvement by establishing annual quality, environmental and prevention targets, and regularly evaluates the system by using indicators, among other tools.