Greywater may come from sinks, baths and showers, or from home hygiene and used utensils. Greywater means almost 50 % of the total amount of water used in hotels, residences, apartment complexes, sports facilities, etc. It can be distinguished from black water by the absence of bacteria Escherichia coli.

There is a demanding, accurate regulatory framework in Andalusian that controls grey and rainwater reuse: Regional Ministry of Leisure and Tourism’s Decree 47/2004. Article 49 defines greywater reuse and treatment’s requirements in hotel facilities.

Greywater reuse’s benefits include:

  • A lower use of fresh water. Less wastewater regeneration. A high effective purification. Only solution in certain places. A lower energy and chemical use through pumping and treatment. Plants can grow where there is any other type of water. Recovery of lost nutrients. An increase of knowledge and sensitivity about natural cycles.

One of greywater main uses takes place in tanks, an element with an elevated level of consumption that requires a lower quality water. It cannot be directly used because it generates unpleasant odors and stains if it is left for more than a day.

They are a source of value as compost for agriculture. Although phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen make greywater a pollutant for lakes, rivers and groundwater, it can be advantageously used as nutrients for plants watering. Another possible use is outdoor areas cleaning.


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