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Continuous cleaning filters

Continuous cleaning filters (CCF)

The continuous cleaning filter is equipment designed for eliminating water suspended particles.

It is usual its use in many industrial and urban applications, as well as in water purification treatments. Its design features give it a high performance with much minor sections in comparison to other filters.

It is a device with self-cleaning operation by design. It is capable of operating for prolonged periods of time without monitoring it and it requires less electrical power.

ModelContinuous cleaning filters (CCF)
Capacity4 – 74 m³/h
MaterialAISI 304 Stainless Steel/Processed Steel/GRP
Application Water treatments such as:
  • Prior to reverse osmosis filtration
  • Ozonization pre- and post-treatment
  • Filtration after biological treatment
  • Filtration after physico-chemical treatment through settling or flotation
  • Discharge of industrial effluent from surface treatments
  • Refrigeration circuit cleaning
  • Water reuse
  • Filters cleaning water
Continuous cleaning filters (CCF) Continuous cleaning filters (CCF)