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Deodorization plants

Deodorization plants

Dinotec designs and installs deodorization plants through dry process (activated carbon) or wet process.

Industrial activities usually generate odoriferous atmospheric emissions during different transformation processes. It mainly happens in sectors such as food industry, slaughterhouses, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and infrastructures of environmental treatment (sludge and slurry drying, treatment plants, wastewater pumping station, composting plants, landfill).

The first action to be done to minimize odoriferous compounds emissions is trying to reduce them at source by modifying storage conditions and operation parameters or replacing raw materials with other that have less odoriferous impact.

In some cases, some compounds may be added to decrease its odoriferous impact, especially when it comes to reduced output emissions. Once these options are not available, a deodorization system is installed.

Deodorization plant Deodorization plants