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Treatment Plants - Biological purification through prolonged aeration with anoxic chamber

Doñana A

DINOTEC’s DOÑANA A modules are made of GRP through continuous winding of yarns and have a horizontal, cylindrical shape.

They are based on the biological process of extended aeration, which has the highest performance (more than 95 % in BOD5 and solids in suspension) and the lowest production of sludges. Furthermore, they include a process of nitrification-denitrification in three different chambers (anoxia, aeration and settling).

They are a solution to treat the urban wastewater for populations up to 1000 inhabitants.

DOÑANA A reactors include all the necessary operations for a secondary biological treatment. They replace aeration tanks and traditional settlers and reach a high performance with low energy, space and volume requirements.

Doñana A