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Treatment Plants - Biological purification through prolonged aeration without anoxic chamber

Doñana DCS

DINOTEC’s DOÑANA DCS modules are made of GRP through continuous winding of fiberglass-reinforced polyester threads, and have a horizontal, cylindrical shape. They are based on the biological process of extended aeration, which has the highest performance (more than 95 % in BOD5 and solids in suspension) and the lowest production of sludges.

DOÑANA DCS module is an activated sludges reactor with a small mass load formed by two different chambers:

  • One chamber of aeration, where oxidation of biodegradable organic matter takes place through absorption or synthesis of activated sludges. The supply of O2 required by the sludges is reached through a deep air injection, ejector or blower pump, and diffusers that spread the air in small bubbles.
  • Another settling chamber, where water clarification occurs as suspended sludges settle. Sludges deposited at the bottom are recirculated to the aeration vessel to maintain the microorganisms balance.

Compact modules, DOÑANA DCS, are used to treat urban wastewater coming from populations between 350 and 600 inhabitants.

Doñana DCS