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Treatment Plants - Biological purification through prolonged aeration without anoxic chamber

Doñana MULTI

DINOTEC’s DOÑANA MULTI modules are made of GRP through continuous winding of fiberglass-reinforced polyester threads, and have a horizontal, cylindrical shape. They are based on the biological process of extended aeration, which has the highest performance (more than 95 % in BOD5 and solids in suspension) and the lowest production of sludges.

This module has two independent aeration chambers in the cylinder’s ends with a capacity corresponding to the desired number of inhabitants, and a settler for both chambers in the central zone.

This design has the possibility to operate at half or full load, depending on the population that generates the discharge, which is why we do not have standardized measures for the DOÑANA MULTI model. A customized project for each customer will be designed by our technical team.

DOÑANA MULTI compact modules are especially designed for treating wastewater coming from seasonal populations such as housing estates, camps…

Doñana MULTI