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Treatment Plants - Biological purification through biological sequencing batch reactors

Mulhacen CICLE

MULHACEN CICLE module is made of structural, 80 mm thick, polypropylene plates welded through thermo-fusion, and has a prismatic shape.

They are sequential biological reactors in batches defined as SBR and are based on the principle of treatment through total oxidation, with buried polypropylene prefabricated modules. In that way, we avoid the possibility of odors formation within the treatment unit.

One single diaphanous enclosure allow us to carry out aeration, nitrification-denitrification and wastewater settling, while regulating the time periods required by each phase.

This type of reactor is suitable for discontinuous processes of discharges (slaughterhouses) or for middle-sized populations. By installing two parallel lines, space is saved and better results are obtained during the solid-liquid separation phase, as the entire surface is used as settler.

Mulhacén CICLE