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Prefabricated PP roughing channels

DINOTEC manufactures roughing channels made of PP for the pre-treating of simple or double channels in accordance to the flow that is to be treated. In any case, this channel has a bypass system for the events of emergency or overflow.

It is usual to have a minimum of two grids (manual and automatic) in parallel when it comes to medium-sized treatment plants. In that way, putting one of them out of service is impossible and that is advantageous while doing maintenance activities. The installation of sluicegates in each grid channel is recommendable to isolate installed equipment or to select it.

The installed grids in these channels may be:

Manual roughing grids

This kind of grids is used in small installations, or as a protection of lifting equipment (pumps or screws) when they are done before the roughing.

They are formed by straight bars that are normally inclined at angles of 60-80° to the horizontal. The cleaning is carried out through rakes and the retired solids are stored in a perforated basket that is placed over the roughing channel for the draining.

A special vigilance is required to avoid the risk of clogging.

Automatic roughing grids

Automatic cleaning grids remove clogging problems and reduce the required time for the maintenance. The most used mechanism consists of a mobile scraper that periodically lowers the grid and, in that way, it extracts the solids that are retained to evacuate them. They may be straight or curved.

Curved grids are for cleaning the front-part. The cleaning system consists of one or two scrapers that are mounted on an extreme of an arm that rotates around a horizontal axis. They are suitable for shallow channels (0,4 – 1 m) and medium-sized installations with lightly loaded water.

Straight grids are available in multiple variants that differ in their designs and construction due to the cleaning system (operation through chains, cables, etc.). They are used in installations with a greater capacity or great depths.

The automatic cleaning system can be regulated with fixed time intervals or adjusted to the degree of the grid’s clogging.