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Treatment Plants - Settling processes and anaerobic digestion

Settlers-digesters TEIDE DDT

Dinotec’s TEIDE DDT model of settlers-digesters is made of propylene through thermo-welding of plates, and has a horizontal, prismatic shape.

This equipment is used to separate the settleable matter suspended in wastewater, and leads the anaerobic separation of sludges as well. It is a solution to wastewater treatment in populations of up to 500 inhabitants.

TEIDE DDT compact modules are specially designed to treat wastewater in housing estates, industrial estates, etc. This equipment is installed in zones where the ground is filtering or had previous treatment from a network or overloaded treatment plants.

Settlers-digesters TEIDE DDT are available in a wide range of models to cover the treatment requirements for different origins of discharge.

Settlers-digesters TEIDE DDT